Packing | Crating

Aequitas Packing Group offers packing solutions for art and antiquities of every medium for any project. Each crate is designed from the ground up and built from scratch to meet the specific needs of the piece at hand.

All of our Crate Managers come with extensive experience in packing as well as a full knowledge in the latest art crating materials. Our staff works with you on meeting the packing and crating requirements or specifications of your project in order to give your collection the attention it deserves.

Whatever the project requires, our Crate Managers can offer innovative designs to achieve the most effective and economical approach for the art crating and packaging project.

Each member of our packing staff is fully trained in protecting a large variety of objects as well as complete knowledge of archival materials. Our art packers can also go where ever your project may be in the world.

Whether it needs a micro-climate in a crate or long term protection for storage, we provide the appropriate solution to your specific need.

• ISPM 15 compliance for International Art Shipping
• Specialized Museum quality Art Crating and packing systems